A B O U T   E I L E E N

Eileen O’Brien, Principal 

After caring for her parents during their final years, Eileen was inspired to become a professional fiduciary. As executor, trustee and conservator, she managed her parents’ finances and needs, and discovered that the aged can become vulnerable and easily overwhelmed. She believes the elderly deserves their well-earned respect and support.

After a successful career in high-tech marketing, Eileen brings a balanced perspective of care and analytics. Her generous manner combined with her resourceful approach to problem solving is what makes her truly successful. Eileen’s hands-on approach produces results. She has found that building and creating successful relationships is the key to managing the unique needs of each client.

Eileen graduated from the University of Notre Dame with a BS in Mathematics. She completed her fiduciary certification at Cal State Fullerton and is an associate member of the Professional Fiduciary Association of California (PFAC) and the San Mateo County Bar Association.  Eileen is a member of the Private Professional Fiduciary Panel of San Mateo Superior Court, and is a California Licensed Professional Fiduciary (PF#829) and a National Certified Guardian.

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