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  • Appointed by the court to assume responsibility for decisions regarding the health and welfare of individuals deemed by the court to be incapable of responsibly caring for themselves
  • Assess the individual’s needs and establish tailored living situation and care
  • Primary point person for family, friends and service professionals
  • Works with the financially responsible party to ensure that care and services are provided in the most cost-effective manner possible
Conservator of the Estate
  • Named Power of Attorney to look after an individual’s financial affairs
  • Represent the person, making decisions on their behalf, dealing with all named aspects of his or her finances, whether banking, investments, bill paying or any other financial matter
Power of Attorney

We provide reliable, high quality and personalized care for individuals and families during life transitions. We respect the dignity and uniqueness of each client as we support their priorities, whether managing their finances, coordinating their daily needs or administering their estate plans.

  • Follow the terms of the Will when named as Executor in a Will
  • Inventory and protect assets, pay debts and taxes, sell real property
  • Make distributions to beneficiaries
  • File an accounting with the court as required
Conservator of the Person
  • Carry out the Terms of Trust made in a specific trust document
  • Fund the trust with appropriate assets, safeguarding and investing assets, making any specific distributions, paying out income and making capital payments in accordance with the trust terms, filing income tax returns
  • Making final distributions when the Trust comes to an end
  • Court appointment to prudently manage and protect the assets of an individual who is unable to manage their own finances
  • Customize to clients’ unique needs and current level of ability
  • Responsible for inventorying, marshaling and managing all assets and benefits of that person’s affairs

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